Peru Tunquimayo Grade 1 (organic)

Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Tunquimayo

Crop altitude: 1800 MASL

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Type: Typica and Catimor

Processing: washed

Year of harvest: 2019

Scoring: 84.25 points

Certificate: BIO (organic)

The Peru Tunquimayo coffee originates from small farms located in the Cusco Province in Peru. After passing the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas, the slopes of mountains begin to emerge, demarcating the entrance to the great Amazon Jungle. On these green slopes, reaching an altitude of almost 2000 MASL, family-run coffee farms are located, which are usually small or medium sized and grow from several hundred to c. 2000 coffee trees. Typically, several species of Arabica are grown on one plantation, often in the shade of pine trees. Farmers check the efficiency of particular species and their resistance to insects as well as soil conditions on a daily basis. Interestingly, the majority of crops, including those of the Tunquimayo coffee,
are qualified as certified ecological. This is the result of the policy of Peru’s government, which puts an emphasis on growing coffee and raising its quality, seeing it as an alternative to coca, traditionally cultivated in this region. Coffee is harvested and preliminarily washed on farms. Then, it is delivered to local cooperatives situated along the Urubamba river, where it is cleaned of parchment and sorted.

Sensory description:

Smell/aroma: honey

Flavour: fruity, balanced

Acidity: oranges and tangerines

Body: light, creamy

Aftertaste: clear